Phantom pain: why after sex it seems that it is not over

Фантомные боли: почему после интима кажется, что он не закончился

So, the feeling of a penis inside after it ended, is pretty many, but it is often overlooked.

It’s a strange feeling, medicine called vaginal pressure, often appears in pregnant women in the first trimester. The body produces the hormone relaxin to prepare the uterus for further growth of the child, and the woman may feel that her vagina a pressure. Sometimes it even hurts!

This feeling usually appears after sexual intercourse with penetration: intimate muscles remain tense, even when it was all over and the penis is in there. In nonpregnant women, these phantom sensations also occur due to muscle spasm.

Experts believe that the root cause of vaginal pressure is… lack of orgasm. During sex, the intimate area served additional blood volume, and if the orgasm was not, it envelops the muscles, not allowing them to relax.

If these feelings are accompanied with pain, you should see a doctor. If not, and you’re even nice, just enjoy it, it’s not dangerous!