“Philadelphia” has made an incredible comeback, scoring four goals in six minutes: video – 24 Channel

"Філадельфія" зробила неймовірний камбек, закинувши чотири шайби за шість хвилин: відео - 24 Канал

In the NHL on Saturday, November 17, was the match between “Philadelphia” and “Tampa Bay”. The hosts managed to equalize after 1:5, scoring four goals in six minutes.

In the first period neither team failed to score at least one goal. To open the score in the match managed Ernie only in the second period, when the “Tampa Bay” was in the majority.

In the third period on the 9-th minute the score was already 1:5. Your mad comeback “Philadelphia” started in the 10th minute washer Concn in the majority. Subsequently, he will throw another one. Between his goals to be an accurate throw Couturier and 16 minutes, Simmonds would even the score. The score will be 5:5, and between the first washer Concn and throw Simmonds it’s only 6:04 minutes.

Despite such a heroic game, Philadelphia lost this match. In the second minute of overtime, 21-year-old Cirelli brought a victory “Tampa Bay” 5:6 (ot).

A match of “Philadelphia” – “Tampa Bay”


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