Phone leader: what smartphones are the presidents

Телефон лидера: какими смартфонами пользуются президенты

The leaders of the world countries according to their status can afford much more than an ordinary citizen: a private jet, armored car, expensive clothes and the best service of which many can only dream of.

In this era of mobile devices, many wonder what smartphones are the presidents of different countries? Maybe they have some special “presidential” smartphones are assembled by the latest technology, or conventional models like ordinary people? Offer to find out the answer in our material.

Donald Trump

The leader of the United States of America Donald trump before he became President in 2017, was used for 5 years Samsung Galaxy S III. After the inauguration of the Trump on the recommendation of the security services had to change your Galaxy S III to Apple’s iPhone, which is equipped with additional protection functions against hacking and interception of calls. The exact model of the IPhone is not disclosed for security reasons.

Emmanuel Macron

The French President is extremely serious about its own security, especially conversations. And not without reason, because according to the disclosures of Edward Snowden, phones phones of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy actively listened to.

Emmanuel macron enjoys sirsasana military cryptographic mobile phone Teorem production of defence company Thales. In addition, the French publication at the end of 2017, wrote that the President also has iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge special protection, which he uses for personal communication.

Kim Jong-UN

The President of North Korea Kim Jong UN uses a smartphone. But for a long time journalists could not find information what the phone uses the grandson of the founder of the Juche idea. North Korean leader was seen in the photographs the state media with a smartphone, hidden in a large building. However, the South Korean newspaper “Gungan Ilbo” said that the first Secretary is smartphone of the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

Theresa May

The British Prime Minister, Theresa may, according to media reports recently replaced your old Blackberry smartphone to your iPhone. According to the BBC, the Prime Minister has long used the gadget a canadian company, but after Blackberry after a sharp decline in sales stopped production of smartphones and issued a license for production of devices, other companies may have changed their gadget.

Angela Merkel

After the controversial WikiLeaks report that US intelligence agencies tapped the mobile 125 rooms of senior officials of Germany, former Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in order to improve security, switched from a Nokia 6260 for Blackberry Z10 with additional features for protection against eavesdropping – the smartphone contains a so-called Secusmart encryption chip set for the secure connection.