Photo broken Android smartphones: the author has an iPhone

Фотография ломала Android-смартфоны: ее автор пользуется iPhone

Фотография ломала Android-смартфоны: ее автор пользуется iPhone

Recently, a scandal broke out with the photo, which led to the failure in operation of Android smartphones. It turns out the author did not suspect anything, because he has an iPhone.

The history of the photo, which scared the owners of Android-devices, reports the BBC.

The story of the picture

The image was made by an Amateur photographer Gaurav Agrawal. He photographed a sunset sky National Park in Montana in August 2019 on the camera Nikon. He then processed the image using Lightroom and posted a profile on Flickr.

Probably then, someone uploaded this photo and set as Wallpaper. It broke my smartphone.

What’s wrong with the photo

The fact that Android is configured for removal of the sRGB colour gamut, wherein the image is formatted in RGB. The problem affected only users of Android 10. Because the new Android version 11 automatically converts unsupported color space.

Therefore, problems have arisen due to the processing in Lightroom. The service provides three options for the color mode, the photographer chose the wrong mode.

I didn’t know that the format is doing. I have an iPhone and the Wallpapers are always pictures of my wife
– confessed to the photographer.

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