Photo Google Pixel 4 turned out to be fake

Фото на смартфон Google Pixel 4 оказалось фейком

Recently the head of design, Google has published a photo that was probably taken by the camera of the new flagship of the company – Pixel 4. The photo caused a flurry of discussions and the author hastened to reveal all the details of the device that took the photo.

A smartphone took the photo? Claude Zellweger explained that the shot posted the frame on previously submitted Google Pixel 3A. The maximum magnification of this smartphone is 10x, not 20x, as they could think of web users, reports The Verge.

To achieve an unusual angle, the photographer did not increase the photo, cropped the original image without loss of quality.

Фото на смартфон Google Pixel 4 оказалось фейком

The photo that caused so much noise

Will Google 4 Pixel 20x optical zoom? Even if Google will release Pixel 4 function 20-fold approximation, it most likely will not be fully optical. Most likely, the company will use a hybrid solution, which has already been implemented in other flagship smartphones.

Date of presentation of the Google Pixel 4. Note, the presentation of new smartphones by Google scheduled for early October.

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