Photo Nastassja Samburski diaper has provoked heated debate

Фото Настасьи Самбурской в подгузнике спровоцировало бурную дискуссию

The actress shocked the audience with a photo from the hospital room.

Nastasya Samburski has published on his page in Instagram new photo, where she appeared in, to put it mildly, undress.

She posted a picture taken in the hospital. Samburski’s back is to the camera in a hospital gown, with her wearing an adult diaper.

“I in the ribbon, not enough photos in sexy lingerie. Can you blame me, but I’m always going to laugh until deep old age,” she said.

However, the Network did not appreciate her humor. According to its users, Nastasia with his jokes went on dangerous territory

Adult diapers – the attribute is not the most fun. Typically, they need bedridden patients, whose life is a constant struggle against helplessness and despair. Often it is older people.

In the comments to the post Samburski advised to ponder over what things you can make jokes, and what still should be approached with caution and responsibility.

The founder of the hospice charity Fund “Vera” Nut Federmesser in one of his interviews said that according to some already 25 years in Russia 30 percent of people will need care – that is, with this problem indirectly will face a far greater number of Russians, than now.

However, it is often the laughter allows us to cope with the most difficult life situations. In addition, photos of strong and healthy young woman, Nastasya Samburski, displays the “embarrassing” problem patients lying in the plane of public discussion.