Photo of the day: Hubble took a picture of the cosmic heart spiral

Фото дня: Hubble сфотографировал сердце космической спирали

On the website of the space telescope Hubble published a picture of a spiral galaxy called NGC 2985.

Spiral galaxy NGC 2985 is located in the constellation URSA major that approx 70 million light-years from us.

In the published photo clearly shows the structure of NGC 2985, namely the cluster of stars in the Central part of the helix – bulge. From it stretched the sleeves of stellar origin.

Фото дня: Hubble сфотографировал сердце космической спирали

Bulge – the heart of the cosmic spiral

These spiral arms are an area of active star formation and in most cases consist of young, hot stars. That is why such sleeves are well separated in the visible spectrum.

Spiral galaxy – one of the most common types of galaxies in the Universe. Typically, such space education rotate in the direction of twist of the spiral branches.

Фото дня: Hubble сфотографировал сердце космической спирали

Spiral galaxy NGC 2985

What is “Hubble”?
It is an astronomical Observatory in Earth orbit. Telescope “Hubble” was launched into orbit in 1990-m to year. For the first 15 years of operation in earth orbit “Hubble” has received 1,022 million images of celestial objects – stars, nebulas, galaxies and planets.
Any individual or organization can apply for work with the telescope. However, competition during the observations is very high.

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