Photo of the day: probe transferred new photos from the surface of the asteroid Ryugu

Фото дня: зонд передал новые фото с поверхности астероида Рюгу

The Japanese Hayabusa 2 probe has collected new soil samples of an asteroid Ryugu and gave the Ground a fresh photo of the cosmic body. As you know, this ship is the first in the history who managed to successfully collect soil samples.

As reported in New Scientist, Hayabusa 2 successfully landed on the Ryuga and fulfilled a mission to gather samples of “pure” primary matter.

Based on the data collected, scientists will try to establish the origin of the asteroid.

“It was a success, a great success. We have been successful in all scheduled procedures”, – said the participant of the project Hayabusa 2 Kubota Takashi.

Фото дня: зонд передал новые фото с поверхности астероида Рюгу

Photos from the surface of Ryugu

Landing on an asteroid Ryugu

As you know, this unit is closer to Ryugu 22 Feb. First measurements of the soil he had gathered, shooting at the asteroid’s surface with a special bullet. As a result, the raised dust and small debris. Then, using a special device, the probe has collected the pieces and returned to the working orbit.

What is known about the asteroid Ryugu?This near-earth asteroid with a diameter of about 900 m. It has an elongated orbit, which during the movement around the Sun crosses not only orbit the Earth but also of Mars. It was opened on 10 may 1999.

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