Photo of the day: the international space station in the Sun

Фото дня: Международная космическая станция на фоне Солнца

NASA posted a photo of the International space station flying in front of the Sun. The it looks really impressive.

The transit of the Sun is a common thing for the ISS. However, pick a good time and equipment suitable for appropriate image can be extremely rare.

NASA noted that in the picture it MS, and not a sun spot. In fact, according to the witty remark of the Agency, “the sunspot has a Central dark area, lighter laptops, and no solar panels.”

Фото дня: Международная космическая станция на фоне Солнца

The international space station in the Sun

Also NASA explain the lack of sunspots in this photo by a period of low solar activity. With the beginning of the current solar minimum sunspots became rare. Interestingly, their number and during the last two solar minima was also unusually low.

What is the ISS?
The ISS is an international manned space station launched into Earth orbit in 1998. This is a joint international project involving 24 countries, including the US, Russia, Japan, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, France, Sweden and Switzerland.

ISS is one of the largest and most complex machines created by humanity.

The international space station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes.

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