Photoshop did Philip Kirkorov like a lady

Фотошоп сделал Филиппа Киркорова похожим на даму

The king of pop gone too far with the retouching on greeting photos.

Fans were surprised by a new photo that Philip has published on his page in Instagram.

He decided to congratulate their members with first-year gender festival, February 23 and chose this photo in a fantasy military garb.

The picture shows Philip filmed in armor and a helmet with a high plume. However, if the feathers, the rhinestones and the overall splendor of the image of Philip Bedrosovich all have been used, the amount of makeup on his face was unusual.

Whether Kirkorov too thickly painted for a photo shoot, whether on postprodakshn too far with the retouching, but Philip looks in this picture like a woman. Some considered it a resemblance to actress Alyssa Milano, star of the TV series “Charmed”. recalls that in a similar way in one of his clips there is a “sworn friend” Kirkorov, singer Nikolai Baskov. He is in his videos appeared in the armor, and so tightly namakarana that was similar not the Prince charming from “Shrek”, satellite of the Barbie doll, Ken.

And most recently, the Network discussed new photos of resident of Miami Valery Leontiev, who came to the concerts in Novosibirsk. The singer in the pictures looks like his wax doll.

Фотошоп сделал Филиппа Киркорова похожим на даму

Фотошоп сделал Филиппа Киркорова похожим на даму