Physicians called disturbing signal, which indicates problems with alcohol – 24 Channel

Медики назвали тривожний сигнал, який свідчить про проблеми з алкоголем - 24 Канал

A sign that too often people drink alcohol, and it’s time to quit this habit, according to experts, are the frequent lapses in memory.

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“If you notice that you have forgotten the keys or can’t remember details of a conversation with someone is a reason to think. The roots of memory problems can be due to the regular use of alcoholic beverages,” stated the scientists.


This forgetfulness, as the explanation of scientists is that the brain under the influence of alcoholic beverages loses the normal ability to transfer information from short term memory into long-term.

Before Health 24 reported that the gene ADH1B, which is responsible for the rate of decay of alcohol affects people’s love of alcohol.

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