Physicians explained why the dates are so beneficial effect on men

Медики объяснили, почему финики так благоприятно влияют на мужчин

It is worth noting that all the beneficial properties of dates were discovered through research and using practical measures of folk medicine. It is important to remember that as an independent ingredient dates will not help in the fight against diseases and they also can not use medicinally without the advice of a specialist.

First, scientists have proved that dates contain amino acids and various kinds of fibers, which contribute to the rapid digestion of food. That’s why figs can help fight intestinal disorders, and promote the growth of intestinal bacteria.

As you know, in dates there is insoluble fiber, which is able to quickly empty the bowel. To apply the dates as Polubarinova effect, you need to chop the fruits and syrup every morning to take remedy.

Regular consumption of dates within the established norms, this process is able to protect against oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. Also eating the fruits, you can protect yourself from the appearance of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. When conducting research on animals, it became clear that dates can reduce the activity of beta – amyloid proteins, which provoke the appearance of plaques in the brain.

In addition to these useful properties, dates are able to minimize the level of oxidative stress, which in turn may trigger cardiovascular disease. Eating dried figs can significantly reduce the risk of stroke, or atherogenesis. To normalize the heart is recommended to drink date syrup no more than twice a week.

So in the fruit from a Fig tree has zinc, vitamin B6, estradiol, all of these components can increase the sperm motility in the male body. Accordingly, to some extent, the dates help to solve erectile problems men. But, it is worth remembering that when erectile dysfunction is best to visit a doctor and not to self-medicate.

In the Northern part of Nigeria quite often grated tamarind pepper is added to the alcohol. This is done in order to prevent intoxication. If the person still have a hangover, you can just soak the dates in water and in the morning to drink a solution, it will help to ease the symptoms.

Since the dates are the ideal source of vitamin B6 and iron. Accordingly, when signs of anaemia, such as tiredness, shortness of breath and dizziness, it is best regularly to eat dates.

Along with other beneficial components of the fruit date there is vitamin a, which contributes to the reduction of infections as well as treating dry eyes and night blindness.

In the presence of chronic diarrhea in humans is a loss of electrolytes. In the use of dates their presence filled, and the human condition is normalized.

If the man is going to gain weight, he recommended, got the dates together with fatty cheese, to enrich the body with proteins and calories.

High amount of fiber allows you to control the sugar level in the male body. Experts noted the fact that this helps to reduce the rate of absorption of sugar in the blood, which prevents racing of the indicator.