Physicist: the Space taxis will allow travel to Mars in 2030-ies

Fear and Terror will have to overcome an innovative extra-heavy rockets fuelled by liquefied methane on the way to the red planet, the scientist believes.

Физик: Космическое такси позволит путешествовать к Марсу уже в 2030-е годы

A physicist from Volgograd’m sure the next 10 years scientists will make test flights to the lunar station, bringing back the modules required for its expansion. Then, in 2030-ies will be possible full-scale expedition to Mars. At the same time, there is likely to be committed landing on the satellites of the red planet – Fear and Terror.

A billionaire in the US Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, known for his fascination with outer space, already preparing a super-heavy rocket for missions into deep space. These devices are installed brand new engines running on liquefied methane, whereby the rocket will be durable and easier to maintain. It is expected to launch to Mars space taxi, which will allow you to repeatedly travel through the galaxy. The first stage of such a missile after deriving the orbit of the vehicle will automatically return to the exact location of the launch. Also Overdrive is developing unmanned aerial vehicles for long-haul flights.

It was the US remains the leading power in the way of space exploration, said the scientist. With it explore space going some EU countries, Russia, Japan and Canada.

In Russia last year decided to develop super-heavy rocket for the same purposes. Now the developers complete the design of the new installation, and finishing technical design of manned spacecraft “Federation”. After testing the sample layouts will be created the first test sample, assured the physicist. Now the country has to offer, a unique Russian modules of Russian manufacture.

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