Pickup Ford F-150 Tremor will join the range of special versions (PHOTOS)

Пикап Ford F-150 Tremor пополнит гамму особых версий (ФОТО)

Strange Ford pickup was recently spotted on tests. Initially, the audience suspected it a prototype for testing units of the future SUV Ford Bronco, but Ford resource Authority assures that this hypothesis is incorrect. We actually see a prototype, heralding the F-150 Tremor.

This package (or execution, if you will) implies a greatly improved preparation for off-road driving, similar to the way it was implemented in the presented recently the senior pickup Super Duty Tremor. In the F-150 Tremor is set the position of a notch of the FX4 package (off-road is relatively easy adaptation).

The test sample is created on the basis of the F-150 with a single-row cabin, and a short platform. However, the final version may get other variations on the cockpit and cargo compartment.

Of course, the more “martial” in many ways the F-150 already exists – it’s F-150 Raptor. But the Tremor is likely to be addressed to those who want to focus on vnedorozhnoi, only with the usual Ford F-150 motors. In the Raptor, recall, forced labor units 3.5 EcoBoost V6 high-output (456 HP, 692 N•m).

With him full motor line “one hundred fifties” includes as many as six engines. This atmospheric petrol engines and motors with boost, covering the range from 294 HP to the above-mentioned 456 of strength, plus Power Stroke diesel 3.0 (253 HP, 597 N•m). What is not a candidate to drive off-road F-150 Tremor? The biggest variant among the engines of the current “one hundred fifties” (5.0 V8, 400 HP, 542 N•m) could be suitable for such advanced performance.

The name of Tremor was used for a special version (2013) of the F-150 pickup truck of the previous generation. But ideologically it was a different car – Sportivnaya, mainly for the trails. They used a 365-horsepower turbo engine of 3.5 and added sport seats, rear differential lock and the shortest in the family of the main couple (for dynamics).

The performance of Tremor in the “heavy” F-series includes a suspension lift, larger off-road tires, new suspension with increased resistance to overheating, protection plates under the bumpers, limited slip differentials front and rear electronic lock, massive off-road foot pegs, extended list of off-road programs selector modes. This equipment resembles that same Raptor. But “predator” in their sled settings is more focused on speed racing on the sand, and Tremor should be nicer stones and mud baths. Insiders claim that just at the moment the company decides to withdraw the F-150 Tremor to the market or not. Positive response is very likely.

Пикап Ford F-150 Tremor пополнит гамму особых версий (ФОТО)

Пикап Ford F-150 Tremor пополнит гамму особых версий (ФОТО)