Pidhrushna will join the main national team of Ukraine on biathlon

Пидгрушная присоединится к основной сборной Украины по биатлону

Ukrainian biathlete Olena Pidhrushna will be able to continue his career after doctors discovered she had heart problems.

It is now known that an athlete will prepare for the season with the first team. It is reported Xsport.

Earlier in the national team of Ukraine for the new season went Yulia Zhuravok, Nadezhda Belkina, Jan Bondar, Olga Abramova, Darya Blashko, Anna Krivonos.

Separately will be prepared Semerenko sisters, and Anastasiya Merkushyna. Yulia Jim’s for the winter season.

In February it was reported that the athlete is forced to terminate the season on the advice of doctors who diagnosed her with acute stage of myocarditis – inflammation of heart muscle.

During the examination the doctors found no contraindications for active sports and the Behind already at the first training camp will be able to work along with other athletes.

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