Pidhrushna won silver of the European championship defeat Yastremsky: breaking news 26 Feb

February 26 started the European championship on biathlon took place the next matches of the Champions League. Breaking news sports February 26 – read more in the material.

  • 1Пидручный and Olena Pidhrushna won the medals in the European championship

  • 2Шарапова retired

  • 3 Manchester city appealed

  • 4Поражение Yastremsky

  • 5Результаты Champions League

In Raubichi (Belarus) February 26, started the European championship in biathlon, where the national team of Ukraine plays in the starting lineup.

On the first day of the competition, the representatives of Ukraine won two medals in the super sprint.

Dmitry Pidruchny got bronze, ahead of Frenchman Emilien Claude. But Olena Pidhrushna won the silver award.

Five-times winner of tournaments of “Grand slam”, the former first racket of the world Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova has decided to retire.

The reason for this decision known players became frequent injuries. Farewell essay 32-year-old tennis player was published the magazine Vanity Fair.

“How to say goodbye to the only life you ever knew? How to leave the courts where trained from childhood, from the game that I love, who brought you hidden from all the tears and unspeakable joy? A sport where you find your family and fans that have been behind you for over 28 years? For me it’s new, so forgive me. Tennis, farewell,” said Sharapova.

On 26 February the court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne has received an appeal from the representatives of Manchester city in the UEFA ban on participation in UEFA club competition.

The club management considers this decision unfair and biased. In a statement, CAS said that the date of the final decision is unknown.

Arbitration court starts the meeting of the working group which will study the case and search for new materials and other investigative processes.

As you know, Manchester city has received a severe punishment from UEFA. The bulls disqualified from European competitions for two seasons and was fined € 30 million for the violation of rules of financial fair play.

Ukrainian tennis player Diane Yastremsky sheathed racket in Doha (Qatar) at the tournament WTA. In 1/8 finals of the 19-year-old inhabitant of Odessa was lost to the Spaniard Garbine the Wind.

The Spaniard won the Ukrainian the results of the two sets. The game lasted a little more than an hour.

On the 1/16 finals Elina Svitolina sheathed. Also Svitolina paired with Yastremsky lost in the first round of the doubles tournament in Doha.

Wednesday ended the first matches of the 1/8 finals of the Europa League. The French “lion” took the champion of Italy – Juventus, the best team of England Manchester city stayed with real Madrid.

Manchester city surprisingly defeated real Madrid. Guests lost from the 60th minute when the midfielder brought forward ISCO. However, Manchester city not only evened the score, but won.

Summed up the “creamy” captain Sergio Ramos. The defender earned a red card and will miss the return match.

In a parallel game of “Lyon” is also unexpectedly defeated Juventus. For the French to victory was just one goal Luke Tosara.