Pidruchny won the Ukraine’s 5th place in the mixed relay of the biathlon world Championships

Пидручный завоевал для Украины 5-е место в смешанной эстафете чемпионата мира по биатлону

Team Norway won the single mixed relay of the biathlon world championship, which takes place in Ostersund, Sweden.

Johannes boe and March Olisbo-Raceland for two used 6 extra rounds and managed to beat the Italian Duo’s Dorothea wierer/Lukas Hofer. The Italians lost to the Norwegians 8 seconds.

Third place was won by Swedish national team Sebastian Samuelsson/Hannah Seberg. The national team of Ukraine finished fifth, although he had a chance to compete for gold.

Started the race Anastasiya Merkushyna. 24-year-old biathlete overcame successfully the shooting range, shoot for zero. Anastasia handed the baton to Dmitry has his third, with a lag of less than a second. Dmitry also great job on the two loops and passed the baton to Merkushino first.

Nastya came fourth in the first shooting, used two spare rounds and moved to the 6 position. Anastasia behind Dorothea wierer of 14 seconds. Second shooting also failed Ukrainka. Anastasia only the third spare cartridge closed the last target and passed the baton to Pidruchna seventh. Dmitry has closed all 10 targets, but failed to regain the lead and finished fifth.

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