Pills for baldness and steroids harm male potency

Таблетки от облысения и стероиды вредят мужской потенции

Experts emphasize that all these drugs negatively affect the male fertility. But men use them in order to seem more attractive to women.

Potent pill for hair loss like finasteride and anabolic steroids that men use to pump muscles in the gym, have a paradoxical adverse effect on the stronger sex. Usually men use these pills and steroids during exercise in order to build more impressive muscles and acquire a lush head of hair – this will help to seem more attractive. Men believe that in this way they can attract most good-looking women, to build with them families and raise children. Women are also closely related to the physiological characteristics of potential partners, since they are important to their future children was good genetics.

But in reality, pills for baldness and steroids negatively affect the level of hormone testosterone. Steroids greatly increase the performance of testosterone which allows to increase the load when you exercise and build muscle mass. But after you stop taking these pills natural production of testosterone in the male body stops. Cure for baldness also hit the testosterone, because this hormone and hair fall. The less testosterone in the male body, the lower its fertility.

As a result, when low testosterone there are problems with potency, there is a chest on the female type, the chubby side and a lot of other frightening many male characteristics. Well, muscular man with a lush head of hair, which is so attractive to women, in reality it can be only an active user of this kind of tablets. So, no valuable characteristics of his children he will not give.