Pineapple can save you from snoring, believe in NASA

Ананас может спасти от храпа, уверены в NASA

NASA scientists have conducted a series of experiments and trials to find an alternative to medication to combat snoring.

They came to the conclusion that some plants can help in the fight against this disease. So, in their opinion, the main fighter with this disease can be considered to be pineapple.

They tested a lot of plants engaged in photosynthesis during the night. It turned out that more efficient night running the pineapple family Bormelia.

Pineapples family Bormelia grow at home in pots. They are placed on tables near the beds. Experts say that the pineapples in pots are useful in that they produce more oxygen than any other plants.

According to scientists, article which was published on the website of the popular Asda, studies have shown that pineapples are the most effective plants that are used for cleaning air. They are able to improve the quality of sleep.

These pineapples in pots a lot of useful features in addition to air purification, but most importantly, they “reduce the action of snoring and is able to prevent sleep apnea.