Pippa Middleton gave his first interview in which he told about his son

Пиппа Миддлтон дала первое интервью, в котором рассказала о своем сыне

Because of the public life of his sister Kate Middleton’s 35-year-old Pippa also not deprived of attention from the paparazzi and journalists. However, to give the first interview and speak to him about his son Pippa Middleton decided as much in six months after his birth.

In October 2018 Pippa Middleton first became a mother. She and her husband James Matthews was born a son named Arthur. Despite the fact that the paparazzi was often able to pick up the young mother for walks, his first interview in which spoke about the achievements of the firstborn she gave the other day. About it reports the edition People.

As noted in the source, the 35-year-old Pippa, like her sister the Duchess of Cambridge loves and leads an active lifestyle. Even during pregnancy she went swimming and now trying to teach this lesson and his 6-month-old son Arthur Michael William.

Arthur began to learn to swim in four months, which gave him confidence. He is now six months and swimming is one of his favorite classes. It guarantees strong daytime sleep, and the movement in the water improves digestion child
– shared Pippa.

She also added that during pregnancy, swimming was her most useful and most agreeable for her training. She argues that the fact that the movement in the water is absolutely safe, can not be said about training in the gym, for example. But still, there is one caveat and a recommendation from his sister Duchess’s either not worth it, because it may badly affect the health of the expectant mother and baby’s health.