“Pivdenmash” has confirmed the purchase of aluminium in Russia

"Южмаш" подтвердил закупку алюминия в России

Stresses that cooperation in the field of use of outer space for peaceful purposes under sanctions not covered.

Southern machine-building plant confirmed the widespread media reports on the purchase by enterprise of aluminum from the supplier from Russia.

On it informs a press-service of the enterprise.

“Pivdenmash” also called “correct” the assumption of journalists of the purchase, “namely that the aluminium needs to be used for producing the main design of the first stage rocket Antares”.

“Additionally, we inform that the number of suppliers of “Yuzhmash” in the hundreds. They represent dozens of countries in Europe and Asia, including the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Baltic countries, Belarus, Russia and other”, – stated in the message.

“Pivdenmash” declares that “is actively implementing measures to diversify supply sources, including, in order of import substitution by domestic products, however, this is not always possible.”

“In many cases, the origin of the material explicitly specified in the design documentation and cannot be changed by the manufacturers themselves. This situation occurs in the case of the purchase in question. However, diversification is possible in this case, but requires a large amount of additional work from the developer and, consequently, significant cost to the customer”, – stated in the message.

It stresses that “Yuzhmash” is not able to influence this process. The company also noted that the international and Ukrainian sanctions do not extend to cooperation in the field of use of outer space for peaceful purposes within the framework of international space projects.