Places in Rostov-na-Donu was not enough: Pompeo said about trying to escape Maduro from Venezuela

Места в Ростове-на-Дону на всех не хватит: Помпео заявил о попытке Мадуро сбежать из Венесуэлы

Former CIA Director and current head of the U.S. Department of State Mike Pompeo told CNN that this morning the President of Venezuela was ready to flee by plane to Cuba, “but the Russian told him that he should stay.”

A protracted political crisis in Venezuela on the eve of the passed in active hostilities: the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela on the opposition Juan Guido brought their supporters to the streets to overthrow the regime of President Nicolas Maduro. On the streets of the Venezuelan cities of fierce clashes.

In this regard, great importance is played by the position of the army. If the army would side with Maduro, he will be able to maintain its power. If the military will move to the opposition, the Maduro regime will not last a few days. The assistant to the President for national security has already hastened to declare that the Minister of defense of Venezuela supports the opposition.

Earlier, the Russian intelligence service SVR said that the United States is preparing a military operation in the US, while not taking a clear decision on it. Spanish media managed to report that the private military company Blackwater is preparing to shift to Venezuela 5000 militants to overthrow the regime of Maduro.

All these events and statements could lead to the fact that the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro, came to the conclusion about the lose-lose of his craft, decided to go the way of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to flee the country from mass popular protests. However, by consulting with the Russian Embassy Maduro learned that places in Rostov-na-Donu was not enough. For this reason, Maduro had to stay in Venezuela and take the brunt of the confrontation with the opposition itself.