Plague Inc. appears antivaccination that will help to destroy humanity

В Plague Inc. появятся антивакцинаторы, которые помогут уничтожить человечество

Plague Inc. – strategic simulation of the spread of disease in which to infect the entire planet. Despite the fact that the game came out in 2012, it still have enough devoted fans. They have recently launched an online petition to add to the entertainment of antivaccination.

Antivaccinationist – social movement opponents of vaccination that occurred in the second half of the XIX century. However, the mind of the people since then has not increased recently in the United States, an outbreak of measles, which affected 64 people – 55 of them were not vaccinated.

On the petition, the description of which mentioned only a “antivaccination – stupid,” drew the attention of the developers at Ndemic Creations. They wrote on Twitter that adds a special scenario, if the petition be signed by 10 thousand people. At the moment the number of signatures has exceeded 20 thousand.

Developers are going to keep his promise. The founder of Ndemic Creations , James Vaughan (James Vaughan) told Eurogamer that his team is already working on the Supplement, also expressed admiration for the gaming community: “it’s Great to see so many people who support science!”

Plague Inc. antivaccination will act as a gain by which the virus will quickly spread around the world. While the authors trying different ideas, trying to correctly enter the new “buff” in the game.