Plahotniuc ran away from Moldova with a passport in another name

Плахотнюк сбежал из Молдовы с паспортом на другое имя

Fleeing from Moldova, a former leader of the Democratic party, the oligarch Vladimir plahotniuc has a passport in another name. This was stated on Monday, the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, at the air of the Moldavian TV channel TV8, noting that the document was issued “shortly before the escape.”

“We have requested the Service of information and security (SIB) and received information that two citizens of Moldova were issued on passport middle name. One of them plahotniuc”, said Dodon, refusing to name the second owner of the forged document.

The President noted that the passport in someone else’s name usually give special services to their agents for special assignments. He said that he had invited the leadership of SIB for the upcoming December 4 meeting of the Supreme security Council to deal with this situation. However, he said that according to his information, plahotniuc fled after the change of power in the country through Transnistria, and then moved to Odessa under his own name.

On Monday he told the media that escaped oligarch sheltered in the United States, in order to influence policy in the country and use it in the struggle with Russia, the provocations against which he allegedly repeatedly arranged in the order from the outside. However, Dodon said that in the course of conversations with him the American Ambassador Derek Hogan, the question is whether plahotniuc in the United States, says that “does not have that information.”

Naponim in June supporting Dodon’s Party of socialists and Pro-European bloc Acum (“Now”) United against Plahotniuc, who was accused of corruption and usurpation of power. But the Democrats refused to go into opposition, declared the new Parliament and Cabinet are illegal and organized demonstrations of his supporters, who blocked government buildings. However, once support for the new leadership provided by the EU, Russia and the United States, the democratic party was forced to cede power. As told journalists the head of the parliamentary Commission on national security Chiril Motpan, plahotniuc fled through Ukraine to the USA, where he lives in his house in Miami.

In Moldova against Plahotniuc opened a criminal case and declared in the international search.