Planets may form much faster than intended

Планеты могут формироваться гораздо быстрее предполагаемого

Astronomers from the European southern Observatory said that planets can be formed near the stars much faster than previously thought. Sometimes it takes less than half a million years, according to Naked science.

A few years ago, scientists found a strange paradox. Watching the dust discs of stars near the age of one to three million years, the researchers noticed that many of them massive enough to form at least one planet. Often they were 10-100 times more of the substance than necessary.

Then the scientists have assumed that either some part of the weight disks slipped away from the settlement, or the disks had time to form a planet. Such a small, newborn sites is often very small that they can be seen on the background of the very bright stars.

To answer this question, scientists using the Very large telescope watched 80 young stars in the molecular cloud Perseus. The age of these stars, scientists estimate 100-500 thousand years.

It turned out, the dust disks in these stars contain orders of magnitude more matter than the same disks in stars of their age by one to two million years. This apparently shows that they planetamazon is not over yet, however, it takes much less time than is considered usual – and soon substance disks would be depleted, forming a new planetary system.

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