PlanetSide Arena was moved to the end of March. Beta test starts in a few days

PlanetSide Arena перенесли на конец марта. Бета-тест стартует через несколько дней

If you are planning to play PlanetSide Arena next week, it forced to upset you – out shooter postponed to March 26 to finalise it. To try out the brainchild of Daybreak Game Company will start from January 30 – the day will start closed beta test.

To sign up for beta either on the game’s official website or pre-order action. In the second case, you will be able to participate in all periods of testing, of which at the moment will be two.

Developers talked about the second test, which is called “the Season of the Founders”. It starts on 20 February and will be available to those who pre-ordered. The season includes an exclusive military pass with unique items that fail to get at another time.

Pre-order on PlanetSide Arena right now on Steam. Available for purchase two sets – Sanctuary Assault Edition and Legendary Edition Arena. First, in addition to the game, contains only the stormtrooper armor, and the second is a set of various items.

If you are interested in the process of creating a shooter, you can view the developer diary.