Plant “Roscosmos” started to produce elevators with the voice of Gagarin

Завод "Роскосмоса" начал выпускать лифты с голосом Гагарина

In Ust-Katav car-building plant local, known for the production of trams from the Soviet years, certified elevators with periscopes with the voice of Yuri Gagarin. The company is part of the United rocket and space Corporation, in turn part of “Roscosmos”.

As reported TASS referring to the representatives of the company, elevators will articulate the phrase Gagarin “let’s Go!” before beginning to descend or ascend. They will also be equipped with a color display, a mirror and a handrail.

By the end of the year UKVZ plans to go out for up to 50 lifts per month in 2025 – up to 200 units. The main products of the company will remain tram cars, parts and service equipment for them.

Ust-Katav car-building plant began to produce trams in the early twentieth century. In Soviet times it was named in honor of Kirov. The company has developed and produced a popular model KTM-5M (71-605), which can be seen in the CIS so far. In 2011 became a branch of the State space scientific production center named after M. V. Khrunichev, was then inferred from its composition.