Plants dangerous to your health – scientists

Комнатные растения опасны для здоровья - ученые

Potted plants decorate the interior, make the house brighter and create a good mood. In addition, they clean and moisturize the air. However, not everyone knows what some houseplants can be dangerous to health, especially for children, says

What is dangerous houseplants?

  • Spines and sharp leaf edges. Pachypodium, pointed, prickly pear and other cacti is not recommended for children’s room, their spines and edges can hurt.
  • Small fruits. Bright orange or red fruit of the nightshade room or dwarf pepper can get into the respiratory system of the baby.
  • Harmful substances in the SAP of plants. Almost all plants of the family Araceae (dieffenbachia, aglaonema, monstera, epipremnum) contain the juice, causing irritation.
  • Allergic reaction. The individual characteristics of each person is unpredictable. Sometimes the most common plants can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

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