Play as Link in Super Mario Maker 2 will be from 5 Dec

Сыграть за Линка в Super Mario Maker 2 можно будет с 5 декабря

5 December, Nintendo will release a major update for Super Mario Maker 2. In addition, the update will allow you to play as Link from the The Legend of Zelda.

In the update 2.0.0 will appear 8-bit High sword. With it, Mario can turn into a Link, who knows how to swing a sword, shoot arrows and throw bombs. A new character opens a lot of possibilities: for example, arrows can get remote switches, overhand – to destroy protected enemies, and bombs to pave the way through some walls.

Also, the update adds mode high-speed passing “Ninjin-races”. Players have a limited time to pass the levels created specifically for this mode. Gamers will be able to compete with rivals from all over the world, which the game will pick up on similar indicators. For completing levels give brand to purchase special costumes for Mii.

Each “Ninjin-the race” will last about a week, during each of which forms the rating of players. From time to time, the authors will introduce new levels. To play on specific levels and collect stamps you can and after the competition period ends.

In addition, the update includes additional elements:

• A block will help Mario to make a strong push.

• Coin encased in an ice block. To get it you can use fireballs and other elements, including some evil sun.

• Block “P” – if the activate switch “R” invisible blocks “R”

temporarily turn into a solid platform or Vice versa.

Finally, you will see fresh enemies:

• Spike – a classic enemy, spitting the huge spiked balls. The attack on the snow level, will throw snowballs.

• Pokey – multi-level cactus, growth of which can be changed.