Playboy model arrested for the brutal murder grisly details

Модель Playboy арестовали за жестокое убийство: жуткие детали

The spicy star of Playboy magazine Italy Kelsey Turner was arrested in the United States. The model is suspect in the brutal murder of 71-year-old psychotherapist Thomas Birchard.

As reported by The New York Post, the body of the doctor was found outside Los Angeles on March 7. Passers-by noticed the abandoned car at the entrance to the national Park in Nevada, which had a broken window. First, the witnesses assumed it was a simple robbery. However, the militiamen who have arrived to a call place, found in car trunk the body of a brutally murdered Thomas Birchard.

The results of the examination, the man died of numerous head injuries that the killer struck with a blunt object. After investigation, law enforcement officers suspected in a violent crime 25-year-old model, Kelsey Turner. The model was immediately detained by the operatives of the FBI and the media leaked the first details of a ruthless murder.

It is known that Kelsey Turner and Thomas B. was familiar for many years. 71-year-old psychotherapist pay model lease her home in the Californian city Salinas. The amount of monthly payments reached 4 thousand dollars, said the mother of Kelsey Turner, who lived with the star’s daughter.

Turner and his family lived in the house for about a year. There were several calls to the police told a neighbor Kelsey Turner.

Law enforcement officers also found that the model met with a psychologist in the network. For a long time they talked, and Thomas B. strongly supported it. According to police, the man stopped to give money to the mannequin, so she moved to Las Vegas. Before his death Thomas B. told friends that Kelsey has a problematic relationship with a guy. What were the motives of the brutal murder, is still unknown.

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Модель Playboy арестовали за жестокое убийство: жуткие детали

Модель Playboy арестовали за жестокое убийство: жуткие детали