Players in The Division 2 believe that the action has a secret that is encrypted using Morse code

Игроки в The Division 2 считают, что в боевике есть секрет, зашифрованный через азбуку Морзе

Not only the players in Fallout 76 how to build a theory about the hidden content of the game. Recently they were joined by gamers from Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, considering that the twinkling lights in one of the scene rooms or hidden hints at the impending mission, associated with the Washington Court hotel.

It all started with the discussion on Reddit:

“In General, everybody knows the secret mission and the strange side job “Protocol John. Phillips” after it. You go into the house, open doors, and the mission is complete. Inside there is some mining, but it’s all… the user writes Ancop. – Something is wrong. First, remember, Manny said that it is Morse code? Well, this lamp flickers at a certain pattern”.

In the comments user DocEnglish noted several important, in his view, the characteristics of the premises:

• The job ends in a really strange place, with no apparent ending.

• There is a hint of the passageways leading to other rooms, but grenades not open it.

• Above the stairs is an emergency exit sign, which has no door.

• Bottom: a) water drips from the ceiling pipes; b) dust periodically falls from the ceiling; C) in the air flying red spark (possibly from grenades, used by the player).

• It seems that all the items brought from the top of the room where you have no access.

The user mhenke10 added that light bulb to look right, pointing the camera upwards, and the flicker effect adds the shade. According to him, the light bulbs flicker constantly with this circuit: off, on/off, long light, off, especially long glow.

He calculated that in Morse code it means either the AM or WCH (depending on the interpretation of flicker). The abbreviation AM a gamer could not decipher, and WHC likely refers to Washington Court Hotel. This hotel is located in the East of the dark area. Gamer went there, but found nothing interesting.

Users are assumed to visit the Washington Court in the morning, AM – ante meridiem (before noon). But I guess nobody else found it for additional clues to the hotel even can’t go in. Other players and even offer to visit this area in real life.

In addition, the combination of the scintillation light bulbs are changing from your actions:

“I think when you shoot them in the corridor, it turns a different final pattern, – wrote the user Nephiko. – In addition, the lights on the floor, there are two different patterns, which are activated when shooting at him. They are easier to see if you will also shoot the lanterns on the roof”.

The user DeBeard noted icon of the mission. He believes that there are depicted a sword with wings can mean strength, protection or guardian angel. This may be due to appearing in the title of George. Phillips – soldier closed his body on the grenade to save your squad in 1945. In addition, it fit in with the uniform and a map of the Second world war, which can be found in the previous mission.

The user n0tJohnLocke noticed that the room was a map – it was marked different places, including the White house, mount Washington, the Pentagon, and so on. Now, says the player, among these there are two locations that you can visit.

First place – the Park in Washington Circle. Another is the Carnegie library on the square in mount Vernon. Gamer reported that ran there (probably in the library) on a strange noise coming from the wall in the corner. He thinks he sounds so out of place, it can’t be coincidence – maybe, and this sound it will decode using Morse code.

Игроки в The Division 2 считают, что в боевике есть секрет, зашифрованный через азбуку Морзе

Игроки в The Division 2 считают, что в боевике есть секрет, зашифрованный через азбуку Морзе