Players of the Belarusian club is suspected of illegal trafficking and drug use

Хоккеистов белорусского клуба подозревают в незаконном обороте и употреблении наркотиков

Players of the Belarusian hockey club “Yunost-Minsk” suspected of illegal trafficking in drugs. There is reason to believe that the facts of distribution and the use of prohibited substances in the team are not isolated.

First, Belarusian law enforcers detained two of the hockey club. They found two plastic bottles with a similar to pressed hashish substance, a paper parcel with the same content, three bags of securitising tobacco “nasvay”, glass tubes which can be used in the consumption of drugs.” This is stated on the website of the Belarusian MVS. Later examination confirmed that it was cannabis.

“The office for drug control and combating human trafficking of the Central Department found that direct distribution of the drug have two players of the club, detained them the following day. Also information was received that the seized hashish – remains after the recent country party mates”, – told the police.

The suspects were detained. Also, police will investigate the scheme of distribution of the drug in the team, how long and regularly the members had used banned substances, which range players (and not only them) took part in this.

Who, exactly, players of the team “Yunost-Minsk” was detained – not reported.