Playlist: listens to what the singer is LAYAH

Плейлист: что слушает певица LAYAH

The singer is LAYAH creates dance, light, beautiful music, and along with Director Tanya of Moinho relieves stylish clips around the world – in Berlin, California, Tokyo and Barcelona. LAYAH told about favorite tracks that sound in her playlist this summer.

At the moment this is my favorite artist. Track Cellophene is her most fresh release. Sensitive, emotional vocals permeates the whole body. I advise you to listen and once to watch the video.

I love the mood and melody of the party Solange. This internal state is predominant for me.

This is electronic dance music sends me personally in the late 80-ies and leaves a light taste of the legendary, but worn to holes I Wanna Dance with Somebody Whitney Houston.

At first glance, this song seemed easy to listen, which is not typical for James Blake. But she stuck with me for its purity and sincerity that has become one of my favorite songs that you can listen to on repeat.

This track is my old love which has been for about two years. Never will remove it from your track sheet. This is passion in its purest form! Azealia sings like a prowling Panther and a hundred percent takes you from anywhere to the beach, dotted with stars.

This track is hypnotizing. If music comes in waves that never end. Something unexplainable but very valuable for myself, I found this song.

This Belarus band opening this year. I love the entire album “All Is 111”! I advise you to listen!