PlayStation has introduced a limited edition collection of controllers

PlayStation представила лимитированную коллекцию контроллеров

Not only in the world of fashion there are seasonal and limited collections. In the world of technology is also sometimes, though much less frequently. At this time, PlayStation has decided to treat fans with new colors of controllers.

In autumn you can buy joysticks in a new and interesting colors. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to the teaser of the company.

Family of wireless controllers DualShock 4 has grown significantly since its launch (nearly six years ago). Officially there are more than 25 colors from the classic Jet Black and Wave Blue to the eclectic Sunset Orange and Red Crystal. This time we will have 4 new colors that will appeal to all.

Rose gold looks great on many gadgets, so don’t worry about the appearance of such a controller – metal cast makes it “more expensive.” The company decided to make another metal version and added in a range of colors – blue. Matte back (in the same way as in the pink version) the panel will allow you to hold the controller in my hands and feel more confident. Electric purple bombyces looks paired with black accents. It is quite versatile, so the purchase will be satisfied with both the guy and the girl. Also four complement red camo that blends black, red and brown. With these colors this fall should be especially bright.

A nice bonus: if you like the color, metal, rose gold, PlayStation will provide in this color headphones. For a fee, of course. All wireless controllers DualShock 4 will be available for purchase in September of this year at a price 64,99 USD. But for the headphones will have to pay 99.99 dollars. In Ukraine, officially they will not, but it will be possible to order from America or Canada.

Earlier we told you that the Sony PlayStation 4 console became a huge hit for the company, and now it has reached the milestone of 100 million sales. In its latest report, Sony announced that for the quarter ending June 30, the company sold 3.2 million devices PS4, that is, in total, it sold exactly 100 million. Also Sony announced a new collection of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. In August, the owners of PlayStation 4 will get two games.

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