PLOS Genetics: lactic acid bacteria effectively strengthen the immune system

PLOS Genetics: молочнокислые бактерии эффективно укрепляют иммунитет

German scientists claim that the products of fermentation must be present in the diet are living in them of lactic acid bacteria efficiently enhance the immune defense.

The scientific journal PLOS Genetics published an article with results of research of scientists from the Leipzig University, who figured out why the lactic acid bacteria so friendly to the body’s immune system. They found that the activity of lactic acid bacteria in a specific way-responsive protein HCA3.

According to the researchers, the enzyme is a mutational variant of protein HCA that is present in the body in mammals, it asked for the regulation of immune function and maintaining cell activity. The interaction with the lactic acid bacteria also makes HCA3 a kind of regulator of immune processes – he warns the immune system about the presence of pathogenic bacteria, activating her resistance to them. It is noteworthy that the protein HCA3 is only present in humans and higher primates.

“We believe that HCA3 involved in the transmission of useful properties and anti-inflammatory effects of lactic acid bacteria to our body,” said the study’s lead author Claudia staubert.

She added that the fermentation products containing lactic acid bacteria, should always be present in the diet.