Plow, like hell: What is the Zodiac Black Moon in February

Пахать, как проклятым: Что несет Зодиакам Черная Луна в феврале

Lilith in Aries, the signs will load in full, and it is better not to take time off from work.

Aries opens the Zodiacal circle. This impulsive and fiery sign, which is controlled by an equally aggressive planet Mars. “To tear apart” zodiac Fire easy. And in February it will be heavily involved in the Black Moon, warn astrologers.

Located at the apogee of its orbit, the satellite will enhance the quality of the “fire” sign for a long period. But most of all it will be felt at the end of winter, experts are sure. And complex traits of Aries will not allow the Zodiacs to be bored. Mainly because they will have to plow, like hell. Black Moon will trigger operational complexity and burden of work even when the work seemingly done. Many signs will have to work hard for a pittance, and the other on their own initiative. But this does not mean that altruism will bear no fruit. Honest work and diligence shown in February, will be repaid later with interest.

Complacency – the problem is all signs of the Fire. In particular, it affected and Aries. Because even against the background of significant achievements should not parasurgical. Lilith in Aries will quickly punished for his arrogance. Wealth in February, will depend heavily on actions, and negative emotions will not help in this. Problems have to solve that need – to help, and disagree to agree.

Caring for yourself and others will help the Zodiacs to experience difficulties, what is Black Moon. It is important to have a reliable support and support, as Lilith in Aries is not the time for independent decisions and actions. Moreover, after a hard day of work will want to find understanding and moral unloading of loved one or close friend.