“Plusminuszero”: why a magazine about the culture of Luhansk should read cordonului

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

For more than six months the journalist from Lugansk for the Glory (Vyacheslav Bondarenko) seeking funding for the magazine “Plusminuszero” that th razv eivet the fog of war and at the same time creates a representation of the realities of the modern Lugansk region.

In an interview with “Tribune” the author told how to create “a local history of the eternal” about his motivation, as well as the present and future of culture in the area.

Text version (abbreviated):

– You did something that is unlikely to be dared by someone else. I am now on the magazine, of course. How did the idea to create a “+/- infinity”?

Somehow it happened by itself. I am a journalist by professional, interested in culture in parallel. In Lugansk before the war together with friends we organized festivals and exhibitions. At some point it became clear, that apart from us no one to do it But on the exhibition to go want. Well, actually, based on this, started to shake. At some point I realized that he would like to read a magazine and I would like to see the people around me, also read the logs and was interested in such matters.

– For whom is this magazine? Let’s try to create a collective image of the reader.

– People who are interested in culture in all its manifestations. Life interested. People who do not just sit down and take and amuse yourself and others. I wish this log was just telling me about them.

What is “threads disappear quickly, and you’ll soon run out”. Well, of course, if nothing happens, then we will run out. Well, I’m sure something will happen. I wish the journal was a stimulus for people.

I am not very young passport, but sometimes I go with my son on the raves. And so, in principle, a magazine for those who with heart and soul young.

– Lugansk region most famous for its plants and mines. And in General, culture and its development here has always stood not in the first place. If there was any concern that not enough material for a full issue of the magazine? Whether there were problems with finding themes and characters?

The problem is not how to find them, and that you fit it all in 72 pages. This is a myth. Again, due to the fact that our country is very big, and people don’t know what happens in it. The age-old problem – few people are traveling and know a little about what is happening even in neighbouring areas. So it is very easy to manipulate and to say that only miners live, who are no interested. But the miners have their own culture, the beautiful and the ugly – different. Time is fleeting, things change and even people in the subject do not have time to keep track of everything. On the others and did not speak. I am convinced that we have something to tell, but the task to convince someone to do not make ourselves. If someone believes that everything is rotten, okay, let him consider further. I for those interested. For those who are willing to expand their horizons.

– What is the main purpose of the journal?

– People read it and wrote to me:”go to the next room.” So I understand that it is necessary. And why, actually, paper. I want to see it passed from hand to hand. To be interested in something unknown is possible through this format, a paper format.

We want to encourage people to do something new and to get to the pages of our beautiful magazine. To “Plusminuszero” became a cult classic, as his time for me was the magazine “OUR”. To staying free for the final consumer himself pays for itself. Want it all supported by the state and local business. So they said, “Oh, class, we want to live in a world where guys read these magazines, but let’s we will pay the circulation and help with distribution.” I think what is not right to constantly seek money from European donors, and what I do. I think you need it here and now. First of all, those who live here.

– You wrote that one of the objectives of the magazine – creating a culture of “sharing”, where as in the past, young people could share albums and movies with their peers. Is it possible in modern conditions, where sharing applies to posts on Facebook? Not used ylo concerns about the printed format-perception of youth?

In my view, many young people really did not hold the magazines in his hands. At the same time, I believe that forgotten old – this is new and something interesting. It seems to me that this is also very great to play. That is, just when you have something to hold in your hands, leaf through, to patacharkuchi, transmit then it is in the hands of another. There is a certain sense of ownership to something. I have nothing against social networking, but, nevertheless, there is also a live chat.

As for the electronic version, it will eventually be. Going to archive and I’m sure the materials are in excess. Part of their(nevoshedshie in the print issue) will be published on the website. For example, we have an interview with a remarkable artist Alexander Ivanovich Kodenko. It’s huge, just huge. I understand that it will not be included in the magazine, so you will need to place in electronic form.

It has increased the interest in the journal for all time of its existence?

– Yes, the interest is constantly growing. And what’s funny people, even the ones that threw the donut, ready to waiting for the printed edition. It makes me very happy, so I’ve guessed.

– Who is in your team?

– In General, I’m a permanent member of the editorial Board. The rest of the guys are constantly changing because of lack of time. In different periods this was done by different people, but, by and large, this room made the two men.

Again, the further – the more difficult it is to work for free, so when I look for money, with the calculation of salaries and fees.

– There was a time when I wanted to quit? If so, how did you manage to survive this crisis?

– Yes, constantly, like a sine wave or something. That is, you are so on the rise, look – someone out there has shared somewhere, people began to speak at once: “Oh, class! All, making the second room!”. Then down because a week no donor, no one writes. Here again, the mood down.

But anyway, what the swing would not have happened, I’m still doing the second room and he is already 30 percent ready. I think he should be even better than the first room, although the theme is very adult. I want to tell you about her fun and perky. This is the theme of the preservation of modern history that is all around us, under foot and in the air flying. I really hope that by late summer, the second issue will be ready.

– Is there a future culture of our region?

– As long as it was. It is to be understood. We need to appreciate what is, and not turn away. If people aim to leave the region, he will leave no matter how many magazines I had. Man, if closely, he will leave anyway. But while he is in Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Novopskov, Trehizbenka, Golden, anywhere, and he’s doing something, then let him do, let him pleasing to themselves and others. And you need to be able to support it, to persuade and to tell him: “Dude, it’s cool, go on!”.

And, of course, would support not only moral but also material, of course. I am sure that the state it has the means, and there are people who are willing to support it. At least, the main thing – not to despair, to be themselves and to do their job.

– That every first reader can do to support your magazine?

– Of course, the most important thing – it’s not even the tools even though they are very important and necessary, but the spread of the magazine. There is a reference and if you read it and you like it, just scatter your friends, publish on your page. Most important, read it!

It is essential that every room got into the right hands. I want to be given to those who at least look through it and read diagonally.

In General, we need new topics, new authors. So if you have some interesting product that you wish to tell, please contact us.

Support and production of the printed version of the magazine, making the transfer to the card: 5168 7554 4597 3924 ( “PrivatBank” ).

Talked Alexander Tot

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

«ПлюсМинусБесконечность»: почему журнал о культуре Луганщины следует прочесть каждомуЭКСКЛЮЗИВ