Pocket-sized selfie drones AirSelfie got advanced camera and longer flight time

At the end of 2018 was presented to the pocket drone AirSelfie 2. He had a number of constructive problems and difficulties in administration. At CES 2020 were shown two new models that have received a number of improved performance and better camera.

The exhibition showed two new drones: Air Pix + and Duo Air. As in the previous models of the manufacturer, their chip was the possibility of Autonomous flight for capturing user side. It turns a kind of analogue of “selfie-sticks” that allow you to shoot from a much greater distance, according to Digitaltrends.

Particular gadgets

Greater interest is the model of the Air Duo. It is equipped with double parallel chambers, as well as another camera on its bottom, designed for shooting from a height.

Air Pix + features a 12-megapixel camera with a viewing angle of 70 degrees and can record video in Full HD at 30 frames per second. Between charges it can hold in the air for about six minutes. To store the footage both drones got a memory card of 8 GB.

Demo video Air Pix + and Air Duo:

Price and release date

According to the manufacturer, the drones will be available in 2020. The price of Air Pix + starts at $ 99. The cost of a more advanced model Air Duo yet to be announced.

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