Podcasts, radio and audio advertising

Подкасты, радио- и аудиореклама

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Hi! This letter is about why audio is an important component of the mix.

According to the forecasts of the IAB, by December of this year the audience for podcasts will reach 10.5 million per month, and in December 2024 it will nearly triple and will reach 27.9 million listeners. And if in 2020 on advertising in podcasts will spend about 225 million? (10% of the total cost of online advertisements) then in 2024-m this figure will grow to 1.9 billion? or 17.5%. But there is one thing: the forecast published at the end of last year and does not take into account the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

The crisis changes the media landscape. On the one hand podcasts, especially thematic, now king. But audio is not only podcasts. Music, on the contrary, suffering: people are less stream, because the insulation, no music in cars, fitness rooms, and offices. And at home, the audio often loses text and video. Not to mention the fact that the media in principle suffer losses, because the most profitable advertisers (tourism, real estate and so on) fall off due to the pandemic.

So, the number (including digital audio) blooms, but the money is so important for her future growth, are not available. However, right now it is necessary to understand the topic, to play cards right when the pandemic left behind, and the world and cash flows will return to normal.

Below some materials that will help to Orient and develop an action plan. And Yes, podcasts, and radio is a different story. Music especially, it is generally a huge industry with its own laws. But the purpose of this letter is to provide a General understanding of digital audio and outline vectors in which to develop, whether you are an advertiser, a content Creator or a media expert.


Insider view on the growth of the industry podcasts? Anastasia zhbanova, Digital Newsroom podcast: “Podcasts are to grow, you should invest in them right now”

Market research podcast? Yandex.Music: what podcasts you listen to Russians, when and why / Brand Analytics about podcasts in Russia: the popular platform, theme and audiology

Podcasts are competing with classical media as well as compete with them for corporate blogs. If you think about your own podcast, it is important to understand the specifics of a future product? Why brands own media

Production and distribution of their audioproject usually requires less resources than the production of high-quality online magazine. This is largely due to the growing infrastructure for podcasts and radio shows including voice of helpers.

Radio and audio advertising

Two explanatory case study on advertising for streaming platforms, and digital radio? How to run the advertisements on Yandex.Music and Yandex.Radio / Experience b2b marketing Agency advertising on Yandex.Radio

Planning, optimization and Analytics of radio advertising? How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the radio

The history of the big Federal campaign on the radio? BlaBlaCar about radio advertising: tasks, numbers, KPI

The main rules of creating effective advertisements for the Internet? vc.ru

Why your brand advertisements? rb.ru

The growth of the market of audio books and the promotion of audio content? To hear, need to see: the case Rocket10 and the project “Sound of Words”

And go back to the beginning of this letter. Specifics of consumption and of the content itself imposes on the makers podcast serious limitations. The same is true of advertisements: it works in the mix, not alone? Case Biplane: a fun corporate video, advertising on Yandex.Radio, media branding – three format of media advertising to promote their own services

That’s about it. Listen to yourself and others (and wash your hands!).

Other thematic lists:

Подкасты, радио- и аудиореклама

Подкасты, радио- и аудиореклама

Подкасты, радио- и аудиореклама