“Podolsk cadets” show in the US and the UK

«Подольских курсантов» покажут в США и Великобритании

War drama “Podolsk cadets” sold in the US and the UK. As the press service of “Central partnership”, the Russian company signed a deal with American distributor Shout&33; the British Factory and Signature Entertainment.

The film reveals little-known pages of the defense of Moscow and tells about the unprecedented heroism of the cadets and commanders Podolsk infantry and artillery schools in October 1941 near Moscow. Cadets – future officers, lieutenants, “white bone” of the army. They had to command a platoon, to train soldiers and serve as examples to inspire feat. It was all different. In those terrible October days they had with their bodies to block the path to Moscow. They saved the city with their lives, not allowing the enemy to enter the capital. Of course, next to them there were other defenders of the Fatherland, the soldiers and officers of the red army. But such a large feat of self-sacrificing youth, which was demonstrated Podolsk cadets on Ilyinsky line, world military history knows.

“Tape was filmed directly on the battlefield, and carries a “memory of the earth.” Our film is a fiction story about real events and battles of these stories. In the picture used authentic equipment standing in 1941, the armies. The scenery was created according to archival aerial photography. It is also important that the tape not only focused on the Russian audience. She also brought to the world by telling him the truth about the war”, – said the producer Igor Ugolnikov.

In addition, the film rights were sold to Japan (New Select), South Korea (SORI INC POONGYUNG Scene& Sound), and Scandinavia (Mis.Label). The picture will also be presented to Key Buyers Event and Cannes Digital Market.

«Подольских курсантов» покажут в США и Великобритании