Podolyak has exposed the truth of the conflict Zelensky Ivanchuk: “Trying to show worn teeth”

Подоляк обнажил правду конфликта Зеленского с Иванчуком: "Пытается показать стертые зубы"

Podolyak told the whole truth about the conflict Zelensky Ivanchuk.

On another personal conflict, pointedly passed in a public plane wrote Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Podolyak on his page in Facebook. According to him, this time between President Vladimir Zelensky and multi-year Consigliere chatty AIX Yatsenyuk, Andriy Ivanchuk.

“The first is still trying to play “manual and educational games” instead of fast and aggressive institutionalization of the axiom “one law for all”. And seriously believes that the thieves voluntarily corrected). The second is clearly trying to show worn teeth and publicly break off/to humiliate the President, a foreigner,” said the analyst.

As the author points out, unbearable sweet time for a provincial boy Ivanchuk emerged by the end of 2014. It was in those crazy days, using the name of the cowardly but pathetic Arseniy Yatsenyuk Ivanchuk quickly placed politicians of industries and verticals.

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“And here is the thief, managing to meet at the provincial meeting of the provincial thieves). And publicly offer him “something” back. But the system doesn’t work. Not such a bright type, as Ivanchuk to offer for its own account to pay for… repair of roads in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Because such a proposal… just legalize it already in a new relationship,” adds the author.

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According to the Podolyak, Ivanchuk, however, was too silly and so we decided even in this situation, to play the “fool” and cheap… tried to cheat the President. First promised specifics, and then quickly through FB jumped into denial. In short, our classic. And it is possible that he has summoned especially hated the attitude of the President…

Подоляк обнажил правду конфликта Зеленского с Иванчуком: "Пытается показать стертые зубы"