Poisoning Violinists: the U.S. introduced a new “hell’s sanctions” against Russia

Отруєння Скрипалів: США запроваджують нові "пекельні санкції" проти РФ

The Kremlin, Moscow

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Poisoning Violinist: dipin between Russia and Britain, or how to punish Russia

For background information on a new, extremely harsh penalties have significantly fallen, the Russian ruble, the exchange rate has been the lowest in 2 years. The drop opened and the stock market

New strict sanctions by the United States against Russia. It is a response to the poisoning in Britain of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter. In Washington, as in London, in committing the crime accused of is Russia. Sanctions for use of chemical weapons. After all, Violinists poisoned Russian military nerve agent “Newbie”. On the background of news about new sanctions collapsed the Russian ruble. When the restrictions will enter into force, and how they would be later in the story.

The first package of sanctions against Russia over its use of chemical weapons in Cover will start to operate in late August – this is stated in the message on the website of the US state Department. The statement emphasizes the authorities of the Russian Federation has used chemical weapons in violation of international law and will be punished.

We are talking about poisoning in British Salisbury former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter. In the United Kingdom has supported the US decision.

Отруєння Скрипалів: США запроваджують нові "пекельні санкції" проти РФ

“The UK welcomes the further actions of American allies. A powerful international response to the use of chemical weapons on the streets of Salisbury sends Russia a clear message that it is provocative, reckless behavior will not remain without response”, – reads the statement of the representative of the foreign Ministry of great Britain.

The sanctions will affect those categories of products that relate to national security of Russia. Although this sector is already under the previously imposed us sanctions. However, the new restrictions will apply to computer equipment, sensors, lasers, telecommunication equipment, specialized devices in the field of oil and gas production. And devices that use in-vehicle information systems of some aircraft.

For background information on a new, extremely harsh penalties have significantly fallen and the Russian ruble. Now its rate is the lowest in the last 2 years. The fall opened the stock market. Below all fell the shares of “Aeroflot”.

If after the introduction of the first phase of sanctions on Russia will not make conclusions and do not provide convincing evidence that more will not use chemical weapons – the United States will enter the second stage of sanctions, even more severe. This is a significant reduction of diplomatic relations and an almost complete restriction of trade. Probable ban on flying in the U.S. the company “Aeroflot”.

This could include a package of restrictions that have prepared this week by U.S. senators. Already named “hell’s sanctions.” They include the freezing of assets of Russian banking institutions and also the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Over the last 50 years in this list have already hit Libya, Iraq, Cuba and North Korea.