Poland accidentally “invaded” in the Czech Republic

Польша случайно "вторглась" в Чехию

In Poland, admitted in the short-term invasion of the Czech Republic, took place in may. The Ministry of defence of Poland called the incident “a misunderstanding.” It is reported by the League with reference to the BBC.

The Polish troops guarding the border in the framework of measures against the coronavirus, took up positions at the chapel on the Czech side of the border. The cause of the incident is unknown. The soldiers, apparently, stayed there for a few days. Ultimately intervened by the Czech authorities, contact with Warsaw.

The incident occurred in North-Eastern Moravia. Initially, the Polish military said the Builder, who was involved in the repair of the chapel. He wanted to make an examination, however, the soldiers who mounted a checkpoint on the road leading to the Church, sent him away. Access to the chapel the soldiers were restricted for tourists.

“Placing the border post was the result of a misunderstanding and not a deliberate action. It was corrected immediately, and the case was solved, also the Czech side,” – said the Polish defense Ministry, according to CNN.