Poland raises the salaries of Ukrainians: uderzhivat any price

Польша поднимает зарплаты украинцам: удерживет любой ценой

In early 2019, 37% of Polish companies declared the intention to increase of salary by 5-10%

The reason was the outflow of Ukrainian workers, who are more interested in Germany and the Czech Republic.

In 2018, companies that want to pay more, was only 22.3 per cent, but now their number has increased 1.5-2 times.

In addition, increased by 10% and the number of enterprises in which acute shortage of staff, while last year the figure was kept at the level of 41.6%.

To continue the ongoing fee increases long will, in the near future analysts predict the achievement of cost-effective “ceiling”.

The problem exists not only in commercial enterprises but also in public institutions.

From January 2019, the pay of teachers will increase by 5% and scientific staff by 7%.

In the rising costs, many experts see a potential danger for the country’s economy.

  • The wages of Ukrainians in Poland in 2018, growing at 20-30%, while the poles of 7.4%
  • From January 1, 2019 government of Poland has established a minimum of salary level 2250 PLN (16,312 UAH according to NBU rate on 30.01.2019)
  • Average rating of salaries in some areas:

– The IT sphere – 8000 PLN (UAH 58000);

– truckers – 5000 PLN (36250 UAH);

– construction – 4000-5000 PLN (29000-36250 UAH);

– seamstress – 2500-3500 zlotys (18125-25375 UAH);

– gastronomy (waiters, cooks) – 2500-3000 PLN (18125-21750 UAH);

– cosmetology (makeup artists) – 2000-3000 PLN (14500-21750 UAH).

The network has stirred up the video in which the blogger explains what threatens the Ukrainian workers of the adoption of the draft law, which is trying to “push through” in the Parliament. And realizing, migrant workers bitterly joke that it is cheaper to “chip in for a Hitman” “wise” MP.

The author of the video, youtuber Andrew Marysyuk who makes a living that suits compatriots to work in Poland.

Andrew learned about the draft law, which introduced the group of deputies, and realized: I must tell all employees that they are threatened after the possible adoption of this document.

Польша поднимает зарплаты украинцам: удерживет любой ценой

Польша поднимает зарплаты украинцам: удерживет любой ценой