Police accidentally found in the house firearms

Полицейские случайно нашли в доме огнестрельное оружие

Conducting a search in another case, the police found in a private house self-made firearms. As it turned out, it was left from the previous owner.

Priazovskiy district court examined the criminal case on the fact of illegal handling of weapons ( article 263 of the criminal code)

February 5, 2020, during carrying out the authorized search in the territory of a private household. the police found in the closet in the barn, improvised firearms.

As the owner of the house nothing about him knew his fingerprints on the guns, the police began an investigation.

It turned out that made his former tenant house. He used a saw for metal, nails, metal tube and rope. As a result, according to experts, he was able to produce single-barrel muzzle-loading weapons shompolny type suitable for implementation of the individual shots.

“Craftsman” in the court pleaded not denied and said that really made “gun” which when you move forgot to take from home, where previously lived. Repented of their deeds and asked not to punish strictly.

For illegal production and storage of weapons, the court has appointed to it punishment in the form of 3 years and 2 months imprisonment with a suspended sentence for a year and a half.