Police, byvshego child in Konotop, was arrested with a right of pledge

Полицейского, сбывшего ребенка в Конотопе, арестовали с правом залога

Police officer of Konotop, who knocked the child the unregulated crosswalk, the court chose a measure of restraint in form of detention. Driver city police chief arrested for 60 days with the right to make 510 UAH Deposit (30 non-taxable minimum), reports “TSN”.

The time of hitting a police car on a pedestrian recorded camera surveillance. In the rain ten year old boy ran into the roadway, jumped the puddle, and then he was hit by a car. After the accident the driver stopped and approached the child. The victim was put on Board and taken to the hospital, which is located near the scene.

The child’s condition doctors estimate as heavy. The city is on duty on Board air ambulance to transport the boy to Kyiv as soon as he gets better.

It is also reported that the child’s mother is under investigation. It is suspected of organizing the murder of her husband. According to him, in 2017 she paid his roommate 5 thousand hryvnias for the crime, but he reported to the police. Murder is staged and the woman was detained when passing reward “killer”. After their child was hit by a car, they met in the hospital, but resuscitation to the boy, let alone a mother.

The area in which the accident occurred, is one of the most dangerous in Konotop. The transition is equipped with corresponding sign Zebra almost faded. The city Council assured that the money for the installation of traffic lights has already been laid in the local budget.