Police car on mad speed ran into a 10-year-old boy in Konotop: video time of the accident

Авто полиции на бешеной скорости наехало на 10-летнего мальчика в Конотопе: видео момента аварии

In the Internet appeared the video from surveillance cameras placed in one of the shops located near the pedestrian crossing, where the police car knocked down a 10-year-old boy. According to the culprit, he was traveling at a speed of 50-60 kilometers per hour and nothing is not exceeded.

The footage actually see the time of the accident – like a car at high speed on a pedestrian crossing knocked the boy – and the fact that the driver of the car after the accident immediately rushed to the child. In addition, the student was approached passers-by and within minutes he was evacuated, however an ambulance was not expecting. The fact that they found a wide Board and on her, as on a stretcher, carried the guy to the hospital, located nearby, reports TSN.

As the car of the police knocks at the crosswalk a 10 year old boy: video of the accident

A car which has made road accident, belonged to the chief of police of Sergey Konotop Nesmachniy, but the wheel was not he, but his driver with the rank of Sergeant. However, according to the Deputy chief of police of Sumy region Volodymyr Babich, head of the office is still suspended.

It was decided to dismiss the head of Department, but you should understand – this is not punishment due to the accident

he said.

It is known that Sergey Nesmachniy has worked as a chief of police Konotop just two weeks, but his driver a police officer for almost 9 years. Nesmachniy describes his ward as an experienced and usually quiet.

When I arrived, he in the emotional condition were told that up to 50, 60 km/h he was driving and was not speeding,

– the officer told.

Accidents involving police cars and 10-year-old boy happened in the center of Konotop on the evening of 7 June. Now the schoolboy is in intensive care and connected to a respirator. It is known that he already performed surgery and removed the spleen. In addition, as a result of accident the boy damaged the head, thorax and abdomen. Physicians want to deliver in Kiev OKHMATDET hospital, however, according to them, now to transport the child cannot. For appropriate consultations have been caused by regional specialists and doctors from Kiev.

Meanwhile, the driver of the chief of police on June 8 announced the suspicion for breaking the rules of road safety has serious consequences. Also he was detained. At the conclusion of the examination, in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, the man was not. June 9, in the Poltava court he will elect a measure of restraint. Now RRT Department of Poltava.

Note that the accident here happen not for the first time, so the local residents have repeatedly asked to establish there a traffic light or at least put a speed bump. Also in the city Council was more than two dozen Deputy appeals with the same request, and the city budget has even allocated funds for this, but to install a traffic light was going closer to September, the city Day.

Was a political crisis in Konotop, was political infighting, so the deputies were not able to allocate these funds. Now already found the money – 300 thousand hryvnia. When planning this year’s budget was planned and allocated funds for the installation of traffic lights

– they say in the city of Konotop.

Авто полиции на бешеной скорости наехало на 10-летнего мальчика в Конотопе: видео момента аварии