Police chased bathers from Fever

Полицейские выгоняли купальщиков из Горячки

Despite the official ban in the ill-fated lake in Melitopol continue to swim people. Among them teenagers who came here unaccompanied, and parents with children.

June 7, after a series of accidents that led to the death lyday, in Melitopol was held the Commission on Emergency situations on which the decision was made to temporarily close the access of tourists to the lake Fever due to the fact that it is not equipped as required by Law and is a danger. The people called him the pit of death. In this pond at the beginning of June for 4 days drowned 3 people, and only the lake took 11 lives.

Law enforcement officers conducted a RAID on the Fever, during which he held talks with juveniles and parents who have come to a dangerous pond with their children. Police-reported fatality statistics on the lake and recalled the prohibition of swimming.

I hope that the practical work of the police will produce results in Melitopol no more people will die.