Police conducted searches at the baby food manufacturer: the company said on raiding

Полиция проводит обыски у производителя детского питания: компания заявила о рейдерстве

The police gave the company “Ekoniya” three resolution on searches, the company announced the execution by the police “criminal order from the raiders”

This was reported by the press service of the company “Ekoniya” in Facebook.

“Ekoniya” declares the execution by police of the new criminal order by raiders and about the faux prosecution of a company and public authorities “, – stated in the message.

The press service noted that on July 9 at 6:00 am, a group of the Main investigation Department of MIA of Ukraine awarded the company three rulings about searches. The search took place simultaneously in the private house of the President of the company, the production (g. Zolotonosha) and in the Kiev office.

“In Kyiv, the police entered by force and broke the door, although the company tried to peacefully let police into the room,” – said the press service.

The press service also noted that the company considers such actions unacceptable and expressed their indignation at the custom-made nature of the actions of the employees of GSU Ministry of internal Affairs and General Prosecutor’s office.