Police detained nearly 30 members shooting in Brovary

Полиция задержала почти 30 участников перестрелки в Броварах

The detainees seized 16 weapons

As of the evening of may 29, militiamen managed to find and detain nearly 30 participants of today’s shooting in Brovary. Tomorrow all detainees will be awarded with suspicion.

This was stated by the head of the national police in the Kiev region Andrei Nabatov in the program “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster” on the channel “Ukraine”.

As told by Nebytov, the first 11 detainees arrived in Brovary of Vinnytsia region. Now all detainees are in temporary detention facilities, they’ll get suspicious. Established the identity of the 39 participants of the skirmish.

“For detention of other participants we have introduced a special police operation. The result is currently 28 detainees, 6 vehicles seized 16 firearms. The investigator will go to court with the petition for detention,” he said.

Note, on the morning of may 29 in Brovary hundred armed men staged a gunfight. The shooting wounded at least three. The scene, the participants fled in a car.

The police said that the cause of mass shootings in Brovary became a conflict between two companies because of the distribution of passenger traffic.

In addition, shooting in Brovary were classified by police as attempted mass murder.

Add the participants of the shooting in Kiev law enforcement officers detained in several areas.

Полиция задержала почти 30 участников перестрелки в Броварах